5 Nov 2019

Graves disease is a fairly common disorder where the thyroid is stimulated by the immune system to produce high levels of thyroid hormone characteristically in response to anti thyroid stimulating hormone receptor antibodies (Anti TSHr abs). Thionamide therapies like p...

2 Jun 2019

Intermittent fasting is receiving some widespread (and probably well deserved) attention on social media and internet traffic sites. However it is certainly not a new idea. Rather, the increased attention is a recognition of the human body’s innate ability to regulate...

29 May 2017

There are now more medication options to treat diabetes than there are to treat high blood pressure. I was asked to complete a survey a few months ago which asked me to name all the medications I could for Type 2 diabetes. I got up to 32 brand names and probably could...

13 Jan 2017

Many people who have diabetes also have an experienced general practitioner (or family doctor) or nurse practitioner who can help them manage their diabetes. For example, people with uncomplicated type 2 diabetes may never need to see a specialist because they can easi...

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Long term medical treatment of Graves Disease

5 Nov 2019

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