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Diabetes Technology

Progress in technology has allowed easier self management and monitoring of diabetes. Continuous Glucose monitoring with sensors has made insulin pumps safer and more effective in the pursuit of better glycaemic control. Even in diabetes sufferers not on pump therapy, sensors can play a role in helping them understand how their glucose levels respond to food, stress and exercise. They also help practitioners make clinical decisions. Our two onsite diabetes educators offer their expertise in the running of programs and technology that can benefit specialists and GPs in helping their patients achieve better control.

Osteoporosis Care

Onsite densitometry, an infusion service, and rehabilitation facilities allow us to provide comprehensive care to those who suffer from osteoporosis. Our onsite rehabilitation facilities can help you establish safe exercise habits to reduce your risk of fracture.


Young Adult Diabetes Service

Young adults with diabetes come with unique challenges and needs. We offer a flexible service that caters for young adults between 18 and 30 with Type 1 diabetes. Our team includes two diabetes educators to help navigate the sometimes difficult transition from paediatric care to adult care. Our location next to Deakin University allows convenience and accessibility particularly to students with diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes

Expecting mothers with diabetes can access endocrinology care and diabetes education all in one clinic. With obstetricians now consulting privately at the Epworth, we provide collaborative, continuous, and comprehensive care for private patients with diabetes in pregnancy.

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