I've been looking for exercises for prevention of falls for patients with osteoporosis.  This link comes from ProFouND - Prevention of Falls Network for Dissemination which in an EU organisation focussed on falls prevention.

A lot of people tell me they can't exerc...

Why does everyone worry about their cholesterol?

Well, like most things in medicine that we measure – blood pressure, blood sugar, weight – cholesterol is just a number. What concerns us is the RISK that number conveys. The higher your cholesterol, the higher your risk...

5 Nov 2019

Graves disease is a fairly common disorder where the thyroid is stimulated by the immune system to produce high levels of thyroid hormone characteristically in response to anti thyroid stimulating hormone receptor antibodies (Anti TSHr abs). Thionamide therapies like p...

Q. I’m unable to eat dairy and I’m concerned about my bone health. What can I eat to ensure my dietary calcium is adequate?

A. For adults in Australia the current recommended daily intake of calcium is 1000mg to 1300mg daily. For those who can’t include dairy in their...

It is exciting to let you all know that Type1Screen launched last week. This program was developed with the support of JDRF Australia (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) following the announcement in February that TrialNet would decrease funding for diabetes antibo...

This is a pretty tricky question, because there are so many factors involved.

  1. Age.

  2. Gender

  3. Build

  4. Health conditions

  5. Health goals

How should it be measured?

In Australia, a basic ‘weight’ assessment usually involves height, weight, and BMI.

To calcu...

A wound that fails to heal or is slow to heal is considered a chronic wound. There are numerous factors that may impair your ability to heal including medical conditions such as diabetes, reduced blood flow, loss of sensation, infection, poor diet, smoking, trauma or r...

2 Jun 2019

Intermittent fasting is receiving some widespread (and probably well deserved) attention on social media and internet traffic sites. However it is certainly not a new idea. Rather, the increased attention is a recognition of the human body’s innate ability to regulate...

My doctor tells me that my TSH is low, and that means my thyroid is high. I’m confused.

Learning to interpret hormonal blood testing is a real art – that’s why we spend years training to become experts in it. You may have heard doctors talk about ‘feedback’ or ‘axis’. L...

15 Apr 2019

Q. A doctor told me my testosterone is low, but when I saw the specialist, they said it was normal. What’s going on? Who do I believe?

A. Probably both of them.

If doctors ONLY request a testosterone level on a blood test, that is the only result they will receive - whic...

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Long term medical treatment of Graves Disease

5 Nov 2019

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