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While not ideal, Telehealth allows treating specialists to consult with patients who may be isolated by distance or other circumstance. It provides a solution to the current climate of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The government has made it possible for practices to maintain rebateable consultations through these arrangements.

Telehealth appointments will be privately billed.  Please click here to view the Fee Schedule current as at 1 January 2024.

You will need to register on the zoom website using your own email. The application can be downloaded on you mobile device or on your desktop computer through the registration process.

Please register for this service before the date of your consultation to allow it to flow as smoothly as possible. You will receive a reminder about 5 minutes before your appointment (see below).


The ZOOM application also allows you to share photos or files (such as glucose diaries and medication summaries) if you so wish. If you choose to send through blood glucose results, please have them ready in advance by taking a photo of the most recent two weeks' worth of results prior to the appointment. You will be directed how to share the photo during the consultation.

Please have blood tests done 3 days prior to your appointment to allow results to be available at the time of the consultation.

Prescriptions can be emailed to your local chemist. Please have the pharmacy name and address on hand so we can make sure we forward it to the requested pharmacy.

Pathology requests will be sent to you in the mail.

How do I connect with my specialist by Telehealth?

1. Prior to your appointment, you will receive an email from us with a link to the ZOOM website. You will need to register your details using your email address. In this process, the ZOOM software will be installed on your device. If you do not have a compatible mobile device, we can send an email with a link to go through the same process on a desktop or laptop computer.

2. You may be sent a text reminder 5 minutes before your appointment to prompt you to ready your device or personal computer 

3. When your specialist is ready to connect, you will receive an email with the link which should connect you immediately.

If you have any difficulties with any of these steps, please call reception (03) 5271 8833 and we will endeavour to troubleshoot with you over the phone.

Please be aware the specialists run behind on Telehealth appointments too and there may be some variation to the time scheduled. We thank you for your patience.

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