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What about fees?

Consulting fees and payments

Fees are determined by individual practitioners and referenced to the List of Fees (2017) published by the Australian Medical Association. These may vary between practitioners depending on their experience and what services they provide to their clients. We endeavour to keep the fee structure transparent to allow you to know what the cost of your consultation will be before your appointment.

Pension card holders and low income health care card holders will be eligible for concession rates which are generally a 30% lowering of the gap payment. Please present your card in order to qualify for the discount. We cannot honour the discount if the card is not sighted. We can record the card details on your file to save you having to present the card at each visit. 

We require payment on the day of consultation. We have a Tyro machine which allows Medicare rebates can be deposited directly into your account within the next working day from paying your clinic fee.  Online claiming can be done through registering for a myGov account.

Do we bulk bill?

The national Medicare system helps to keep GPs in the role of primary care physicians with specialists in a secondary consultative role. We recognise the problem that can arise when our billing costs are lower than that of primary care physicians. We aim to remain accessible in the availability of our appointments while at the same time protecting the GP-patient relationship. Charging a gap also recognises that we provide accessibility and continuity of care not found in the public sector.


While there is a public diabetes service in Geelong,  there is no recognised general endocrinology service at this time and we will offer low cost care in situations where the referrer has specifically requested. Please ask our reception for further details.

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