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Self isolation and minimising unnecessary social contact will delay transmission long enough that the immediate number of cases will not exceed the health systems capacity to treat those who need medical attention. 

While you may survive the coronavirus epidemic, others may not, and the health system will likely be beyond full capacity just looking after the pandemic. It's a simple thing to do. If we lockdown early, we won't need to stay hunkered down as long. It doesn't need a vaccine, no medication is required. Just commonsense and a sense of concern for those who are at higher risk than ourselves.

There have been recent reports of non symptomatic patient spreading the virus. Wearing a mask in public is not a good substitute for isolation. If you must enter a public space with lots of people, wearing a mask is more for the protection of others who may be vulnerable.


Isolation Tips from Dr Roberts

1. Ensure you have 2 weeks worth of food in supply. Get long lasting food items and produce. Don't forget water.

2. Ensure you have at least a 2 week supply of medication. Notify your pharmacist if you need more. Call before you go to ensure they have stock in hand (have seen some pretty empty pharmacies recently). Some pharmacies may be able to home deliver.

3. Have a supply of paracetamol and cough syrup. If you get symptoms, these will allow you to be comfortable at home.

4. Have a hand sanitiser at the front door and get into the habit of using it whenever you have come in from outside.

5. If you must go out, put a hand sanitiser in the car. A box of kitchen gloves with a garbage bag to dispose of them in will also be useful. Don't touch your face. Best place to pick up the virus may be the shopping trolley you are pushing. Leave young kids at home if you can - they are hopeless at following the rules.

6. Reconnect with friends on social media and ask them how they are. Don't have friends over. Cancel play dates. Phone your neighbour and make sure they know you are isolating. 

7. Keep stimulated with good entertainment (Netflix, audiobooks, radio, boardgames with the kids, pull out the play dough, art supplies, face paints, ping pong table)

8. Stay active at home. There are lots of home based exercise programs online that you can do at home that don't require equipment.

9. Dance in the living room, laugh in the kitchen, and sing in the shower.

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